1. Battle of the Bulge front line and WestWall (Siegfried Line).*
  2. Walk around the city and fortifications from Roman times to today.*

    Niederpallen small

    Niederpallen, old railway station and train on cycle track which was the railway (click to enlarge)

  3. Resistance Museum Esch/Alzette 1939-45 (where David is a guide).*
  4. Military History Museum, Diekirch (where David is a guide).*
  5. Walks to and around anywhere you want to name – castles, villages, industrial archaeology. Tell me your interest and I will tailor the tour or walk.

    Eschette castle

    Eschette Castle lost in the Forest (click to enlarge)

  6. Tour of World War Two sites and points of interest, including forest hideouts
  7. World War One sites around the city.* This can be extended to visit Troisvierges to see the site of the false start to World War One, but will then become a full day tour, and charged accordingly.

* see Prices & Booking